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Forex Sugar Installation

  1. After payment you will get EA file in .EX4 format (such as ForexSugar-0.04.ex4)
  2. Now open MT4 terminal
  3. Goto File menu -> Open Data Folder
  4. Now copy EA file (ForexSugar-0.03.ex4) here in this folder
  5. Now again come to MT4 terminal, and click on Tools menu -> Options and make settings as following:
  6. See the above picture and click on "Allow WebRequest for listed URL" and add URL
    This step is very important, so carefully do this.
  7. Now restart MT4
  8. You will see Forex Sugar EA in left navigation panel as following:
  9. Now open the currency chart on which you want to install EA. Here I'm going to install EA on EURGBP on Minute-15 timeframe
  10. Now drag and drop EA from left navigation to the chart and you will get EA settings dialog box.
  11. You can go with all default settings, except GMT_Offset. By default this is Zero(0). But you must set it's value according to your broker. Contact your broker to know his GMT_Offset. For eg. ICMarkets GMT_Offset is 3.0. So please careful about this parameter during installation of EA.
    If you want to change any other setting(s) then you are free to do. Click here for detailed information about Forex Sugar EA parameters.
  12. Now you must get smiling face on top right corner of your chart.
    If you are getting Sad face, then may be Auto trading is disabled in your MT4. You can click on Auto Trading button on Tool bar to make it enable/disable.
  13. Your final screen should be look like as following picture. Your chart should contain few green colored vertical lines. If lines are not present then following picture also guides you all STEPS, so that you can reveal them.
    If you install EA during running market, then you must see few vertical lines as in the above picture. These vertical lines represents News-Events fetched from ForexFactory. These lines may be hidden in your chart, so to reveal them you can follow the instructions given in the above picture.

    But if you are unable to get these vertical lines then may be News related settings are not properly done in your MT4. So please have a look on Step-6 above in this Installation manual. Then again reload EA on your chart.

But still if you face any problem then please feel free to contact us at or through this Contact Form.