Yes, trading in the Forex market is profitable

Forex Sugar EA Version-Grid-1.00

  • Key_for_LiveAccount ⇨ If you use this EA on Demo accounts, then just ignore this parameter. But to use EA on Live account you need to correctly input this parameter. Key is specific for your live account number. You can make KEY for your live account inside your client area.
  • GMT_Offset=0.0 ⇨ This EA reacts on news, so this parameter must be correct. You can ask your broker for his GMT Offset. For eg, ICMarkets GMT offset is 3.0
  • Hedging_Allowed=true ⇨ If your broker doesn't allow hedging, then you can set it False.
  • Automatic_Lots=true ⇨ If it is true then EA will calculate Lots size automatically as per the specified percentage of account equity.
  • Equity_Percent_for_Lots=1.0 ⇨ this parameter works only if above parameter Automatic_Lots=True.
  • Fixed_Lot_Size=0.1 ⇨ If Automatic_Lots=False then this will be the fixed value of Lots.
  • Maximum_Spread_Pips=20 ⇨ If current spread is more than this value then EA will not place trades.
  • Maximum_Stoplevel_Pips=100 ⇨ If Stoplevel/freeze level is more than this value, then EA will not place trades.
  • Stoploss=3000 ⇨ This is the value of Stoploss in Points (3000 Points on 5 digits broker = 300 Pips on 4 digits broker).
  • Takeprofit=1500 ⇨ This is the value of Takeprofit in Points (1500 Points on 5 digits broker = 150 Pips on 4 digits broker).
  • Total_Positions=15 ⇨ This is the maximum number of positions can be opened by this EA. But successive position(s) will not be of same Lots size. Lots size will be increasing according to some indicators used in this EA.
  • Automatic_Close=true ⇨ If this is true then will not monitor TP/SL, EA will close position(s) either in loss or in profit according to signals only.
  • MagicNumber=121314 ⇨ EA recognizes it's trades by using this magic number. So if you are using other EAs too in same account then all EAs must have unique magic number.
  • News_Prior_Minutes=30 ⇨ If it is 30, then EA starts reacting on news 30 minutes earlier from the news event.
  • News_After_Minutes=30 ⇨ If it is 30, then EA will react on news until 30 minutes later from the news event.
  • Trade_Life_Minutes=144000.0 ⇨ If a Trade(executed order) is getting older than 144000 minutes, then it will be closed by EA.
  • Comments=FxSugG1 ⇨ This is a text string attached to each order by EA.
  • Monday=true ⇨ You can set to trade on Monday=True/False.
  • Tuesday=true ⇨ You can set to trade on Tuesday=True/False.
  • Wednesday=true ⇨ You can set to trade on Wednesday=True/False.
  • Thursday=true ⇨ You can set to trade on Thursday=True/False.
  • Friday=true⇨ You can set to trade on Friday=True/False.

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